Phase Three: Navigating the Road Map of Life

It is often said, “The golden years aren’t so golden.” Part of living a long life is managing the challenges that come with aging. Planning ahead and having resources available is important and will give you peace of mind.

The activities of daily life may become more difficult. Make arrangements for assistance with transportation to medical appointments and the pharmacy, if necessary. Determine what health care providers are in your area for assistance in caring for your partner, if that should become necessary. Who can provide reliable and reasonable laundry, cleaning and meal preparation services? Is your family able to assist, and do you wish them to do so? Do you have the ability for pay for the services you may need?

Many seniors become less confident over time about attending to even the most basic responsibilities related to handling their personal finances. F&M Trust has resources and services available to help you with every aspect of your financial needs. We can serve as attorney in fact under a financial power of attorney. Many of our clients create a revocable trust, naming F&M Trust as trustee to manage their investments and pay bills and income tax liabilities. Our relationship managers can help you determine what services may be most helpful in meeting your needs.


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