At F&M Trust, we don’t just say that we’ve got a passion for helping our customers, we prove it daily. And as a true part of our community, we recognize that finances are just part of the big picture. More important are the dreams, hopes and aspirations of our neighbors and friends. When we invest in those dreams, we help build a thriving local economy that benefits us all. So our employees spend over 800 hours annually volunteering at community events and serving on boards and committees with various non-profit organizations.

Since 1906, we’ve been committed to meeting the needs of our customers as an independent community bank. We constantly develop new technologies for easy access, while at the same time offering better safeguards to protect from the new threat of fraud.

But no matter how we continue to evolve, our focus will always be on building and protecting our customers’ wealth and maintaining long-term, loyal relationships.

Greencastle RelayOur Community Bank Team

We live where you do; shop where you shop. Our kids play with yours on the local soccer team. Our spouses might go to your gym. We always treat our customers the way we’d want to be treated: as trusted friends and partners. We’re working hard to deliver new technologies and tools to match your expectations for access, speed and efficiency. But we never forget to be sure that we’re banking your way.

Collectively, we have centuries of experience in service: investment expertise, wealth management, mortgage loans, business expansion and more. And every single one of us cultivates new skills daily in order to continue to deliver the very best financial services around.


Changing with the TimesFMT Team

Banks started out simply as safe places to keep money, and physical locations were key for convenience. But over the last decade, we’ve witnessed a flood of changes in how you want to interact with us—with real time digital tools and online access.

That’s why we continue to innovate our offerings to provide cutting-edge simplicity and accountability for all your transactions. Whether you’re looking to pay a bill with just a click or two on your mobile phone or sophisticated forecasting of your upcoming business expenses, you’ll find us ready to go.

None of which means that we’ve neglected our physical community offices. We continue to modernize them to reflect a more casual, comfortable and accessible environment dedicated to personalized service and experience. At F&M Trust, we always have and always will have a passion for helping our customers.

Uncommon Involvement

There’s no better proof of our dedication to communities than in the fact that each year our employees commit hundreds and hundreds of hours to community service. From telethons to charity runs to car washes, you’ll find us supporting dozens of local community initiatives. We recognize that our community flourishes when it’s fed with true humanity.

We don’t just donate our time, but we make financial contributions to hundreds of regional causes. Because we know that when our neighborhoods and children and social interests benefit, we all do.


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