F&M Trust renovates Shippensburg Office

May 10, 2019

F&M Trust completes renovation of Shippensburg Community Office

F&M Trust has completed the renovation of its Shippensburg Community Office.Shippensburg Office Staff

The renovation included a number of interior improvements, but the most notable change was the installation of two pods – individual, circular units – which have replaced traditional teller counters. To that end, the bank teller position has also been transitioned to a Financial Services Representative (FSR) position. FSRs differ from tellers in that they are able to function across multiple tasks, such as opening accounts and completing loan applications, rather than just a few.

The updated position goes hand-in-hand with the pod concept. Pods allow customers to stand side-by-side with FSRs to review their accounts on computer screens without the separation of a counter. The modified layout enhances communication while still remaining secure and efficient. “Customers are looking for a more personalized and interactive banking experience. And the pods create that interactive environment – one where you’re seeing customers and FSRs collaborating shoulder-to-shoulder rather than opposite each other,” said Paulo Oliveira, Cumberland County Market Manager at F&M Trust.

Each pod is equipped with a cash recycler which securely stores cash in an internal vault. The recyclers accurately execute transactions and secure cash, speeding up transactions in the process. But the changes at F&M Trust’s Shippensburg Community Office go well beyond the physical appearance of the building. The entire customer experience is changing.

Because pods give tellers freedom to move around, customers will immediately be greeted upon entry, offered a tour of the facility, introduced to service and product specialists and then escorted to the appropriate area to fulfill their needs. “As we’re moving toward the future of banking with an increased emphasis on digital banking, it’s clear that we need to transform the way we connect with our customers when they come into our community offices. The pods are the tools by which we enhance those interactions,” said Timothy G. Henry, president and CEO of F&M Trust.

The Shippensburg Community Office marks the sixth significant community office renovation F&M Trust has undertaken since 2015, and two more offices in Chambersburg are slated to be remodeled this year: the bank’s Lincoln Way East and Orchard Park offices. "The Shippensburg Area Chamber is excited for F&M Trust in their new renovation project at their Shippensburg office. This project shows F&M Trust’s continued commitment to its customers in providing great service as well as their ongoing commitment to the Shippensburg community,” said Wendy Forrester, a spokeswoman for the Shippensburg Area Chamber of Commerce.

In an effort to showcase the Shippensburg Community Office’s renovations, the bank will be hosting a grand reopening celebration from May 13 through May 18. The celebration will include refreshments, giveaways and a cash prize drawing. Located at 13 Shippensburg Shopping Center, the full-service Shippensburg Community Office houses personal and business banking services, residential mortgage services and wealth management solutions to residents in the Shippensburg area. F&M Trust has maintained an office in Shippensburg since 1996.

About F&M Trust:

A subsidiary of Franklin Financial Services Corporation, F&M Trust is an independent community bank headquartered in Chambersburg. With approximately $1.2 billion in assets, F&M Trust has 22 community offices in Franklin, Cumberland, Fulton and Huntingdon counties.


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