F&M Trust launches new website with .BANK domain

October 4, 2018

(CHAMBERSBURG, PA) – F&M Trust Wednesday launched a completely redesigned website which features a new domain – fmtrust.bank.

F&M Trust is the first bank in South Central Pennsylvania to feature a .BANK domain.

Similar to the .gov domain for government entities or .edu for education institutions, the .BANK domain is a standardized, verified domain for financial institutions.

"We are very happy to continue optimizing our digital offerings through the launch of fmtrust.bank. The new website design and the adoption of the easily identifiable .BANK domain shows our commitment to meet the evolving needs of our customers," Tim Henry, F&M Trust president and CEO, said.

Because only verified members of the banking community can be awarded a .BANK domain, every application for the domain undergoes a rigorous verification process through the fTLD Registry Services LLC, before it can be approved.

This provides an enhanced level of security against imposter sites and peace of mind to F&M Trust’s customers and business partners. When visiting fmtrust.bank, customers can be confident that they are not being directed to a malicious or fraudulent website.

"Similar to that check mark that you see on Facebook and Twitter, .BANK does that for banks. It’s an authentication cue. To be able to eliminate that human error by giving your customers that visual cue is a big win for banks," said Drew Schiff, director of engagement at fTLD Registry Services.

Beginning Oct. 4, customers who visit F&M Trust’s previous website, fmtrustonline.com, will be automatically redirected to the new website, fmtrust.bank.

"We’re proud to see F&M Trust implementing the .BANK domain. Banks are constantly looking for ways to protect their customers, and this effort is another great example of that," said Heather Wyson-Constantine, vice president of risk and cybersecurity policy at the American Bankers Association which helped create the .BANK domain.

With streamlined menus and simplified navigation, the new website provides visitors with a user-friendly experience and more resources and information on the bank’s products and services.

A subsidiary of Franklin Financial Corp., F&M Trust is an independent community bank headquartered in Chambersburg. With approximately $1.2 billion in assets, F&M Trust has twenty-two community-banking locations in Franklin, Cumberland, Fulton and Huntingdon counties.

Please visit fmtrust.bank for more information.


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