Bank rebrands investment division as F&M Trust Wealth Management

December 6, 2023

To more accurately reflect the breadth of services and solutions it provides, F&M Trust’s investment and trust services department has been renamed F&M Trust Wealth Management. The change recognizes the ongoing evolution, extraordinary growth, and development of the group.

A commitment to continual improvement has allowed the Wealth Management team to grow Assets Under Management from $873 million to nearly $1.2 billion in the last three years. Wealth Advisors and Wealth Managers have earned 10 professional designations and an MBA in the last two years, while other team members have completed industry-specific courses and earned professional securities licenses.

“The group has taken up the challenge to elevate the quality of advice we provide to clients,” Chief Wealth Management Officer Scott Ehrig said. “The department has seen a tremendous amount of growth as we continue to build relationships and solve complex problems for our clients.”

The Wealth Management team helps clients develop good habits, make sound financial decisions, and grow and preserve their wealth. This is achieved by focusing on tailored advice, responsive service, and excellent investment performance.

F&M Trust also provides a full range of expert trustee services, from financial powers of attorney to guardianships and special needs trusts.

“We help clients’ money grow in the early and middle stages of life, then protect it in the later stages so they have something to pass on,” Ehrig said. “Our job is to help them to stay on target and to avoid mistakes.”


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