Switching your banking relationship to F&M Trust is easy!

Have you ever thought about switching banks? Maybe you relocated, switched jobs or maybe your bank just wasn't providing the customer service you expected.

Whatever the reason, you just haven't switched. Why not? Because you probably think it's too much trouble. Well not any more. With F&M Trust’s fast and easy "Switch Kit", switching banks has never been easier.

Our Switch Kit allows you to begin the account opening process and then we do the rest. (Or you can use our Online Account Opening tools to open most checking and savings accounts.)  In the end, you’ll only need to visit one of our convenient community banking offices to verify your identity and sign your documents. Our Switch Kit also includes helpful advice on switching your direct deposit and automatic payments and closing out your old accounts.

To begin the process of switching to F&M Trust, simply download a Switch Kit to complete and fax, mail, or drop off to us.  If you need assistance, please give us a call.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to download our Switch Kit. If you do not have this program, download your FREE copy today!

Upon receipt of your electronic or printed Account Switch Form, we will process the documents to open the accounts and services that you have selected. A Customer Service Representative will then call you to arrange a convenient time for you to visit the bank, verify your ID, sign your signature cards and ATM/Debit MasterCard™ application, pick up your starter checks, and register you for online banking services. At that time, we’ll also assist you with switching over any direct deposits and automatic payments.

Once your F&M Trust account is open, please be sure to do the following before you close your old accounts:

  • Wait until all your checks, debit card purchases, and online bill payments have cleared your old checking account.
  • Verify that your direct deposit(s) and automatic payment(s) have been switched over to your new F&M Trust account(s).
  • Destroy any remaining old checks and cancel your ATM / debit card(s) and online banking services.

If you have any questions, please call a Customer Service Representative at any of our community offices.

After you have opened an account with F&M Trust, use the Switch Kit to create and mail out the appropriate letters to notify others of your account change.

What you need to get started:

For security purposes, we do not allow you to save the application process in the middle, so please make sure you have all of your information up front. If you need to gather your information and return to the online Switch Kit, use the Payment Transfer Worksheet.

Step 1 - Your new F&M Trust account information
Start by adding your F&M Trust information. If you don't have an account with F&M Trust you will need to open one before switching.

Step 2 - Your previous account information
Your previous financial institution information is needed to close your old accounts.

Step 3 - List any automated debits (ACH) and or Direct Deposits

Gather all information on companies that make electronic withdrawals from your account or Direct Deposits to your account. This includes automatic debits (ACH) or automatic charges to your debit and/or credit cards. Common uses of automatic debits include rent/mortgage, utilities, telephone, and cable bills. Direct Deposits include payroll, taxes, retirement and pension plan accounts, or expense reimbursements. Social Security customers need to call the Social Security Administration at 800-772-1213 or go to www.ssa.gov. If you have Direct Deposits through the military, visit myPay.

Electronic Payments (Online Bill Pay)
If you use an online bill pay service at your previous financial institution, be sure to cancel each payee and add them to your F&M Trust Online Bill Pay service. If you have not yet signed up for Online Bill Pay, sign up here

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