Money Management Account

F&M Trust's Money Management Account gives you the flexibility and liquidity of a bank money market account and pays a market rate of interest. This FDIC-insured account pays a competitive rate of interest, changing periodically to reflect market conditions.

Some investors use the Money Management Account who are uncomfortable riding out the stock market, or just as a place to park their money for a future investment. In addition, the Money Management Account offers:

  • Higher interest rates to customers with higher balances
  • Interest compounded daily on average daily collected balances over $2500
  • Maintain a $1000 minimum balance to avoid the monthly service charge
  • Limited by law to no more than a total of six (6) withdrawals or transfers by pre-authorized, automatic, telephone, electronic, check, draft, debit cards or similar orders to another account or third party within any monthly statement cycle. Personal withdrawals at a teller window, by mail or at an ATM are unlimited. There are daily limits on the dollar amount of withdrawals you can make using your ATM card.
  • Access to your money using checks, ATM and Freedom Cards, through the Freedom Access Center, in person at any F&M Trust community office, or through online banking or mobile banking.  

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