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Trips for 2015

May 11-16 “Experience Southern Hospitality” – Charleston & Savannah

May 21 Presentation for “Marvels of South America” – Cruise-Tour

May 21 Presentation for “GO Club Celebration Cruise”

May 27 Presentation for “Elegant Ireland”

June 3-13 “Paris & Normandy Cruise/Tour” w/ Islands in the Sun

June 13-15 Optional Extension for “Paris & Normandy

August 2-15 “Heart of Alaska Cruise/Train Tour” w/ Islands in the Sun

September 2 “Joseph” at Sight & Sound Theatre

Sept 20-26 “San Antonio Getaway” w/ Collette

October 7 “A Mighty Fortress is our Basement” @ DADT – wait list

October 11-16 “Passport Mystery Tour” – wait list

November 1-10 “Tropical Costa Rica” w/ Collette

November 12 Annual Shopping Trip – Leesburg, VA

November 19 “2015 Celebrate Christmas Package” at AMT

December 6-14 “Classic Christmas Markets” w/ Collette

Trips for 2016

Feb 13-March 1 “Marvels of South America” Cruise Tour w/ Islands in the Sun

April 1 – 11 “Elegant Ireland” w/ Collette

June 19-26 “GO Club Celebration Cruise” w/ Islands in the Sun

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