Cash Management and Other Services

With our commitment to being the area's best community bank, we offer a wide range of solutions for businesses that make banking more convenient.

Our Cash Management Services enable your business to put your cash to work as efficiently s possible. We have effective cash management tools for generating additional income through reduced service charges and utilizing available funds to pay down lines of credit or invest. Working with your relationship manager, our cash management specialist will help analyze cash flow patterns and review information needs to develop a customized, comprehensive plan. For additional information and customized solutions, contact our Cash Management Specialist, Brian Reidell at (717) 261-3536.

Franklin Busine$$Link - Online Banking Access/Management -- Franklin Busine$$ Link is a business cash management solution designed to make it easy to access balance and activity information for all of your company's accounts. Franklin Busine$$ Link also provides the convenience of many cash management services, all in one place for more convenient, efficient and secure banking. 

ACH Origination - Direct Deposit & Payment Collection -- Utilize our online banking system to originate payroll direct deposit files and many other payments or collections with vendors or customers. Upload your NACHA formatted file, import your information to create a template or manually create transactions as needed. Security measures include setting dollar limits, processing files through a secure network, requiring dual control for dollar amounts over $50,000, and the use of tokens to approve and transmit your files.

Remote Deposit - Franklin Busine$$ eDeposit -- eDeposit allows you to scan checks at your place of business and send the check images electronically to deposit at the bank. eDeposit is safe, simple, and secure. Just scan checks for deposit any time, day or night. Our system verifies the images and balances, and then transmits your deposit online - to multiple accounts if needed. There are no trips to the bank and no fitting your hours to the bank's hours. With the convenience of making deposits anytime, you may experience improved cash flow by depositing checks every day, rather than delaying deposits by holding checks until you can make a trip to the bank.

Franklin Busine$$Card (Business MasterCard® Debit) with Cash Rewards --  Our business MasterCard® Debit card gives your company the control and convenience it needs to manage its money by accessing your funds anytime, anywhere 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week at ATMs and businesses where MasterCard is accepted.  We can customize each user’s card for daily ATM and debit purchase limits.  Franklin Busine$$Card can help simplify your management of cash and tracking of spending with the last four digits of the card used displayed on your account activity.  Plus, you’ll earn cash rewards for each signature-based purchase you make over $10.  Rewards are credited to your account monthly.

Positive Pay and ACH Positive Pay/Debit Lock -- With this service, you can detect counterfeit or fraudulent checks before they are paid. By transmitting an issued check file through Franklin Busine$$ Link when you issue checks, you create a partnership that can save time and expense associated with fraudulent activity. You are also able to block unauthorized transactions. With ACH filters on your account, we only pay ACH activity that you have authorized - all others are returned.

Zero Balance Accounts (ZBAs) -- Our Zero Balance Account (ZBA) is designed for companies that maintain an operating (parent) account as well as accounts for special purposes such as payroll and petty cash. With a ZBA, your company's funds are concentrated into one central operating account while the special purpose accounts maintain a zero balance.

Wire Processing -- A convenient and easy way to transfer funds same-day to accounts at other financial institutions. This service is used for purchases or to pay suppliers both domestically and abroad.

Corporate Credit Card -- Our VISA Business Credit Card provides easier payment of miscellaneous purchases and travel expenses. Plus the card offers expense control features, web access to your account information, travel center, discounts on services, rebates, and more.

Merchant Services -- F&M Trust partners with BASYS Processing to deliver top-notch credit card processing services. With credit card processing, your business can increase sales by making it more convenient for customers to pay with their credit and debit cards. We offer a full range of card processing solutions at competitive pricing to help you manage your business successfully. BASYS Processing allows for access to increased payment acceptance, fast settlements and free online reporting. The team is local and dedicated to improving how your business does business.

Employee Benefit Programs -- Offer your employees an additional benefit through pension or retirement plans.  We can make creating and maintaining a realistic retirement program easy, efficient, and economical.  These services include: plan design and consultation services, plan documentation and compliance services, professional investment management services, participant record keeping services, employee educational materials and seminars, daily valuation services, daily account access and toll-free telephone line for participants. For more information on Pension and Retirement Plans, contact our Employee Benefits Specialist, Ron Froeschle at (717) 261-3578.

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