Other Options

ACH Services

Distribute payroll by direct deposit, collect dues, pay vendors and more by initiating credits and/or debits to or from checking and savings accounts.  Automated processing includes transmission from payroll service providers.

ACH Filters

Block unauthorized transactions – with ACH filters on your account we only pay ACH activity that you have authorized – all others are returned.

Checks on CD-ROM

Receive consolidated, conveniently organized digital images of your statement, paid checks (front and bank) along with deposit slips and checks deposited on CD-ROM each month.  This service allows you to store, retrieve, print and distribute check information faster and easier.  Images can be copied into MS-Word for ease of distribution. 

Direct Deposit

Arrange for automatic deposit of your employees’ pay for a convenient and hassle-free way to ensure that their pay is always immediately available for them.  They’ll enjoy the benefits of Direct Deposit:

  • Save time and money by eliminating trips to the bank
  • Enjoy the convenience of having checks automatically credited to their checking or savings account
  • Security features to protect your data from unauthorized access
  • Appreciate the security of knowing your check cannot be lost in the mail or stolen from a mailbox 

If you are interested in this service please contact us or call any commercial services representative or community office manager.

Corporate Credit Card

Our VISA Business Credit Card provides easier payment of miscellaneous purchases and travel expenses.  Plus the card offers expense control features, web access to your account information, travel center, discounts on services, rebates, and more.

Electronic Data Interchange

For companies that receive addenda data electronically, this information can be provided through Franklin Busine$$Link to view or download. 

Escrow Accounting

This service helps property owners manage their security deposits.  The property owner is assigned a master account with multiple sub-accounts for each tenant to simplify record keeping.  F&M Trust handles all the reporting, making managing the security deposit easy.

Franklin Busine$$Card (Business MasterCard Debit)

Our business card gives your company the control and convenience it needs to manage its money by accessing your funds anytime, anywhere 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week at ATMs and businesses where MasterCard is accepted.  We can customize each user’s card for daily ATM and debit purchase limits.  Franklin Busine$$Card can help simplify your management of cash and tracking of spending with the last four digits of the card used displayed on your account activity.  Plus, you’ll earn cash rewards for each signature-based purchase you make over $10.  Rewards are credited to your account monthly.

Franklin Business eDeposit

Franklin Business eDeposit allows you to scan checks at your place of business and send check images electronically to deposit at the bank.  EDeposit (also referred to as ‘Remote Deposit Capture’) is safe, simple, and secure.  Just scan checks for deposit anytime, day or night.  Our system verifies the images and balances, and then transmits your deposit online – to multiple accounts if needed.  You can view deposited check images for up to 2 years.  And there’s no trip to the bank, no fitting your hours to bank hours.  And you may even be able to access your funds sooner.

Merchant Services

With credit card processing, your business can increase sales by making it more convenient for customers to pay with their credit and debit cards.  We offer a full range of card processing solutions at competitive pricing to help you manage your business successfully. 

Positive Pay

With this service you can detect counterfeit or fraudulent checks before they are paid.  By transmitting an issued check file through Franklin Busine$$ Link, when you issue your checks you create a partnership that can save you time and expense associated with fraudulent activity.

Sweep Services

We offer sweep arrangements in three ways:

  • investment Sweep – automatically transfer of funds between your checking account and an overnight investment to earn a competitive market return while maintaining liquidity.
  • Line of Credit Sweep – automatically apply excess collected funds in your checking account to pay down your line of credit.  Or, the sweep will draw against your line of credit to meet checking account needs and avoid overdrafts.
  • Combination Sweep – combine both the Investment and Line of Credit Sweep features.  Excess funds are automatically moved to pay down your line of credit and automatically invested once your line of credit is zero.

Wire Transfer Services

A convenient and easy way to transfer funds the same day to accounts at other banks.  This service can be used for purchases or to pay suppliers both domestically and abroad.

Zero Balance Accounts

Our Zero Balance Account (ZBA) is designed for companies that maintain a general operating (parent) account as well as accounts for payroll, petty cash, and/or other purposes.  With Zero Balance Accounts, your company’s funds are concentrated into one central operating account while disbursements are made from subsidiary accounts (ZBAs) that can accept debits and credits and always maintain a zero balance.

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