Franklin Busine$$ Link

Franklin Busine$$ Link is a business cash management solution designed so that you can conduct financial transactions directly from your PC.  Franklin Busine$$ Link makes it easy to access balance and activity information for all your company’s accounts.  And Franklin Busine$$ Link makes it easy for you to initiate electronic payments and collections, even to bank accounts you have at other financial institutions.

Anywhere you have internet access you have access to your account information using Franklin Busine$$ Link, a cash management solution that makes your banking more convenient, efficient and secure. 

  • Obtain account balances and transaction information
  • View paid checks and deposits
  • Download account activity to help with your reconcilement
  • Conduct transfers between accounts (checking, savings, line of credit)
  • Pay Bills
  • Place stop payments
  • Initiate wire transfers
  • Utilize ACH for accounts payable, receivable and payroll
  • Make state & federal tax payments
  • Utilize Positive Pay (for checks and ACH activity)
  • Set up alerts
  • Communicate with the Bank via electronic messaging and send secure attachments

This convenient service allows you to:

  • Perform many banking transactions
  • Connect daily to the Bank with instructions or requests

And improves your efficiency by:

  • Reducing the time you spend balancing your statement
  • Providing daily updates allowing for better cash management
  • Gives you better control of your cash by using ACH
  • Scheduling your banking around your work flow
  • Creating special reports and transfer information to other programs

With the security you need and expect:

  • Password protection guards each transaction by type, amount and user
  • You establish transaction limits with your account officer
  • Information is transferred in encrypted files

Click here for a demo of Franklin Busine$$ Link.

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