Credit is important to nearly every business.  F&M Trust can help you with your plans to grow or if you’re in need of cash for your daily operation.  We offer a variety of financing options, with rates and terms to meet your financial goals and your budget.

Term Loans -- Available with a fixed or variable interest rate, term loans are used to finance the purchase of fixed assets other than real estate.

Commercial Real Estate Loans -- These long term loans, available for up to 20 years, are used to fund up to 80% of a commercial properties’ current market value.

Construction Loans -- These short term loans finance building costs or improvements for real estate during the construction period.  Some construction loans can be converted to long term commercial real estate loans after the construction period.  

Lines of Credit -- Used to finance an increase in a business’s current assets due to seasonal increase in sales volume.  Lines are typically extended for 12 months.

Municipal and Government Agency Loans -- We offer a variety of loans and services tailored to your specific municipal or government needs.

Letters of Credit -- Extended as stand-by financing for purposes generally related to bonding for contract completion or inventory purchase.

Equal Opportunity Lender.