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F&M Trust will work with you and your business, and leverage the support of the largest independent business bank in the market. With offices throughout Franklin, Cumberland, Fulton, and Southern Huntingdon Counties, we have the strength and experience to serve your business' money management as well as make loans to meet the ever growing financial demands of your business.

For over 100 years, F&M Trust has been providing local businesses of all sizes with the proven business banking expertise they demand and deserve. You'll get an experienced, knowledgeable commercial services professional who knows your business and understands the unique challenges you face. You get fast, personal response to credit and other banking requests with decisions made locally right in your community.

If you're looking for a financial partner, look to F&M Trust to help your business grow.

Helping Your Business, Is Our Business

Today's business environment demands insightful action, wise decisions and a plan to take advantage of opportunities. Successfully managing sales, staff, production, delivery, marketing and service issues are critical to the day-to-day operation of your company.

Much of what you do requires money...that's where we can help. Our commercial services team is focused on just one thing - giving you the assistance your business needs to thrive.

We Listen.

We learn about your needs, requirements and your long-term goals. Then we work with you to provide the financial solution that meets all your needs, and meets them economically.

We're Responsive.

Ben Franklin stated, "Time Is Money." That couldn't be more true in business. And when you decide you need to make a move in capital equipment, acquisitions or setting up a MasterCard/VISA merchant account, we respond.

We offer a full range of services.

Our commitment to being the area's best community bank can be seen in everything we do. That's why we've structured a wide range of business banking services...services we know different businesses and companies want and need.