What Our Customers Say

“Sometimes in life there are "special moments" and "special people" that are locked in memory forever. You Kim McKenrick are one of those people in our lives.  Thanks for kindness, consummate professionalism, and gentle handling of our banking needs over the last 5 years.  When we needed guidance you were there with the facts and when we needed assistance you provided it ahead of schedule and beyond expectations." 

-Grateful Banking Customer 


Recently I wanted to open a bank account for my granddaughter, who just turned 14.  I took her to the F&M branch on the Ritner Highway.  They opened Hannah's account, treated her like she was the customer, with kindness and respect and incited her to feel free to call if she ever has any questions.  On our way out she said to me "Boy that was really different, they really treated me nice!" First impressions are important.  She plans to be a doctor.  She may have a long time relationship with them. 

 -Satisfied customer


"Rhetta was FANTASTIC to work with! She always kept us up to date and was extremely professional and caring!

- Mortgage customer

Today I had the pleasure to work with Phil Pantano concerning an issue where we made a deposit to the wrong account . . .  Phil very professionally handled this with class and kindness . . .   He quickly informed me not to worry, that he would adjust the accounts and take care of it.  This reminded me of how banking 'use to be' and made me feel that F&M Trust really cares.  Thanks to you and your staff for doing a great service to the community."

- Business customer


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